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Your energy is a swirl of beauty and is uniquely yours. If you could imagine that all the delights and sidesteps you take in life are called to you in your energetic exchange, you’ll begin to see how very powerful this little gem is.

Step into your Power.

The SoleNumbers Oracle unveils opportunities for happiness. The SoleNumbers Oracle is a tool to help you cope with the energy of life and … simply to be happier.

The SoleNumbers Oracle is based on two certain foundations: the constancy of numbers, and the perfection of the ancient natural energies of the Tao.

You have a birthday energy, and not surprisingly, each month of the year has a quantum energy of its own.

There is a way for you to wonderfully benefit from the prevailing energy on the planet each month, and the SoleNumbers Oracle reveals what this energetic collaboration means for you in your day-to-day life.

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For the Student of Life, Our Primary Textbooks

Book I: SolePath Book of Knowledge | Book II: The Tao and SolePath
Book III: SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom | The Daily Pulse | In the Feng Shui Zone

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Books on Modern Metaphysics and the Tao

SolePath, the path to purpose and a beautiful life | Divination of the Tao
Diary of your Hopes & Dreams | SoleNumbers Oracle

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