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Book II: The Tao and SolePath

The Tao and SolePath Book by Dr. Debra Ford

Book II is squarely THE materials for the Foundation of your Life. It is in fact the core textbook for the SolePath Foundations Program (SFP). Structurally this book is organized into specific modules of study each focusing on an aspect of the core understandings related to the SolePath material as a whole.

This content is so important to understand in the SolePath body of work that you will see it threaded through everything we do and teach related to SolePath.

The Eight modules of study are:

  • The Tao and the SolePath Categories
  • The Tao and the LightPaths
  • The Tao and the DarkPath
  • The Tao and SoleNumbers
  • The Tao and SoleFaces
  • The Tao and SoleHealing
  • The Tao and Emotional Divination
  • The Tao and SoleIntending

There are a multitude of ways to consume this material, and we have made it as accessible as possible. For general interest, you can read the textbook and go a little deeper by taking any of the course modules and watching the associated lessons. You can register for the workshops independently or collectively.

Or you can take the SolePath Foundations Program (SFP) which is offered independently as a complete program or as a section of study within other programs. It is the Section II material in the SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher (SPMP) program.

However you choose to consume and explore this material, if you complete all 8 modules through The Academy, including workshop attendance and assignments, you can receive the certificate of completion for the SolePath Foundations Program (SFP) giving you the pre-requisite to go on to current and future training opportunities.

The Tables of Reference in this book are extraordinary and will be worn thin by those who truly vest themselves in the deeper understandings of this work as a whole.

Downloadable PDF Resources

  • The Categories Bagua
  • The Emotion Zones
  • How to use the Bonus Energy Sources
  • Epilogue ~ When the Rain Comes

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