Diary of your Hopes & Dreams
Book 1: All the Good I have done in the World

Diary of your hopes and dreams by Rev. Janice Brown

What are you doing today? What are you doing with your Life?


A smorgasbord for the senses! A unique perspective on All That Is.

And once you hop on board for this ride along you’ll find yourself in places you never intended to go but always wanted to. What will you do when you get there? Have the time of your life!

In the meantime, allow yourself a little jovial frivolity and hop onboard the most exciting mind surf you’ve ever been on. It’s a tantalizing, earth shaking, cosmic waking tumbler box full of delight. 

Come together for one single secondary moment of truth and we’ll tell you how it is.  It’s worth knowing who you are at all costs. It’s all you can really purchase in this life, the truth of who you are and the clues to your resonant formation lie within your understanding of self. So begin. Begin this very day and you’ll explore the far reaches of the mind like you never could have imagined. It’s all you could hope for. All you could dream of.

A powerful punch sitting right here in your lap.

Go ahead drink it all in. 

What a revolting convergence of dangling participles,
run on sentences and grammatical incongruence.

It’s an English teacher’s worst nightmare! 

10 weeks on the New York Times
best seller list and that’s just a start! 

(A girl has got to have hopes and dreams, you know.)

Ballsy, brave and beautiful! 

Precisely what you were looking for for your morning cup of coffee. 

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