Divination of the Tao

Divination of the Tao book

Pearls of wisdom for every moment of every day. The wonder of this little tool is that you can tuck it in your purse or pocket and bring it anywhere. And do you know what you’ll find when you use it? Relief. Inspiration. Straight forward guidance for your day.

Go ahead…you’re worth it!

Divination is a way to access guidance by connecting to that part of you that is ‘more than your physical body’. Divination brings to your conscious awareness guidance that helps you find answers. Answers, which at a deeper level, you already know. The divination guidance in this book of wisdom is based on the profound beauty of the Tao.

The Tao is the natural order of the universe and the Tao keeps the world balanced and flowing.

Watch this introductory video to come to a new understanding of the Tao.

For the Student of Life, Our Primary Textbooks

Book I: SolePath Book of Knowledge | Book II: The Tao and SolePath
Book III: SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom | The Daily Pulse | In the Feng Shui Zone

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Books on Modern Metaphysics and the Tao

SolePath, the path to purpose and a beautiful life | Divination of the Tao
Diary of your Hopes & Dreams

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