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You might want to decide there’s no way I’m going back to school but I’d love to know more about what it is that gets me motivated, inspired and feeling on purpose. Then you want to look at our self-evolution content. Talks, meditations, personal development courses and more.

This area is a guaranteed mood shifter and we can’t wait for you to get exploring.

Some of these talks can be listened to in a matter of hours and some of them are going to haul you in for an all-nighter with yourself and soul. You decide. We’re not here to pick a path for you.

See below for some content samples from our Members area. Grow yourself.

Grow Yourself
Personal Growth Membership Area

In our Personal Growth Membership Area you’ll find an ever growing library of personal growth courses, tools and content for your own delight and exploration. Here are a few samples of the content you’ll find within the Membership.

Setting Powerful Intentions Using The Natural Beauty Of The Tao

11-day course with Dr. Debra | 1.4k students | 4.6 stars

Dr. Debra brings her peaceful, calm energy to all of her workshops and meditations, which are based on the natural energy of the Tao. Intentions are always the starting point for change in your life. They are the creation point for your life.

Everything that happens begins with intention. They are like seeds – your intentions contain all of the energy to grow, just as a seed contains all of the energy to become the plant or tree. This course ‘Setting powerful intentions using the natural energy of the Tao’ is a profoundly simple concept that connects the fundamental teachings of the Tao to a balanced intending and goal setting process to create the life of your dreams.

In this course you will learn a practical intention process that will help you create a happier life; a simple guided way for writing intentions using the creative energy of the Tao.

SoleNumbers – Your Energetic Guide To Purpose

11-day course with Dr. Debra | 4.1k students | 4.8 stars
This course – SoleNumbers – your Energetic Guide to Purpose will reveal things about you that help you ‘Find your Wings’. In this course, we are going to calculate your number based on your date of birth, and then dive into the meaning of that number for you in your life.
We will cover the energetics and also the practical application of this new knowledge in your life. You are unique and extraordinary, and this will be a new way of being, of seeing yourself, as you walk your path to purpose and a beautiful life.

Some of the information you are going to feel sure about, recognize, and love. Some of it you may have caught glimpses of in your life, maybe when you were a child before life got hard and you forgot how incredible you really are. Some of it may be a stretch, maybe something you have to reach for. And that’s okay. But here’s what I do know – all of this greatness is you, and all of it can be implemented in your life to be happier, if you follow the energetics of your birth date, your SoleNumber – you will indeed ‘Find your Wings’.

The energy of numbers gives structure and language to your own unique life experience and personal growth opportunities. The energy of numbers gives order and direction for your life journey, what you are meant to be doing with your life, how you will do it and the impact you will have on others. These understandings of number energy are called SoleNumbers and are based on the Tao. They are at the leading edge of new insights into the meanings and understandings of numbers.

SoleNumbers has its foundation in the Tao. Each primary number, 1 to 9, relates to one of the natural Tao energies. The Tao brings awareness of the original energy that is omnipotent and has been on our planet since the dawn of time. The Tao loosely translated means your path or life’s journey and through awareness, you can align your life and benefit from this natural Tao energy, bringing peace and happiness.

10-Minute Morning Affirmations

10-day course with Dr. Debra | 5.2k students | 4.9 stars
10 minutes is all that it takes, each morning, to set the energetic tone for your day; to create your ideal day. This morning affirmation course, based on the nine natural energies of the Tao, will help you create balance, peace, calm and happiness.

Each affirmation starts with gentle breathing, then a short teaching, and after that, you will experience the daily affirmation which uses gentle repetition.
Each morning affirmation involves the mind, a mudra and a mantra. The mind exercise awakens and enchants the superhero within; the mudra of specific gestures expresses the power of the body and engages it in active participation; the mantra is carefully chosen words that are expansive pockets of energy.

The 9 natural energies of the Tao are:
Fire energy and the morning affirmation is all about charisma, personal growth, and courage
Earth energy is all about self-love, nourishment, respect
Lake energy is all about intuition, optimism, creativity
Thunder energy is all about inspiration, connections, strength
Heaven energy is all about perspective, support, and being unrestricted
Water energy is all about compassion, confidence, flow
Mountain energy is all about spirituality, wisdom, steadiness
Wind energy is all about intellect, kindness, and being supercharged
Tai Chi energy is all about balance, non-resistance, inner peace

These affirmations will help you create a life in which you can be a certain kind of person who lives a certain kind of life. I look forward to welcoming you into the course classroom. Music and sound effects are provided by Liam Wilkinson, Sound Maestro.

Daily Pulse (Expanded Edition):
A Morning Ritual For Peace, Calm & Happiness

21-day course with Dr. Debra | 4.1k students | 4.8 stars
It takes 21-days to change a habit, and peace and calm is our intention in this course. You will experience a daily ritual that will slowly and surely build a habit of lasting happiness.

This 21-day course is based on the profound beauty of the Tao. The Tao loosely translated means your path or your life’s journey and is experienced by all. The Tao is the heartbeat of nature, the essential rhythm of being, and the fundamental pulse of our world.

In this expanded edition of the Daily Pulse, you will immerse yourself in the light expansion of natural energy and give yourself a focal point for tranquility. You will also understand the dark collapse of energy, and be given simple steps to release yourself from this unhappiness.

Within the Tao, there are eight natural energies called trigrams, and these combine together to form the yin/yang or tai chi. Just like the yin/yang symbol, where the light is balanced by the dark and the dark is balanced by the light, the Tao is about perfect balance. Light energy leads us to happiness. Dark energy gives us opportunities for personal growth and choices which lead to peace and calm.
The Daily Pulse (Expanded Edition) is a wonderful blend of teaching, meditative experience, and journaling. Let’s walk the path to peace, calm, and happiness together.


Tao Music for personal evolution and empowerment. Align with the natural energies of the Tao through Music. Here is the music for Tai Chi energy, there are 8 other musical compositions for your delight and expansion.

SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher Program
Evolve Your Life | Living Your SolePath | Passion, Purpose, Fulfilment | The Dean Thread

SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher, Explorers of the Heart and Mind.

If you could walk into a room and know who was in their light and who was in collapse without even breathing a word, would you know what to do? That’s what it takes to be a Metaphysical Philosopher, an innate and unique ability to set the world right on its perch. And that’s what we call spreading our wings in a new direction.

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