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Philosophical study of the Tao, SolePath and Modern Metaphysics

At the Academy of Inner Wisdom, we are devoted to cultivating professional spiritual practitioners who are fully committed to being of service. Our training programs encompass the philosophical study of the Tao, SolePath and modern Metaphysics; and the opportunities these studies provide.

Philosophy means the “love of wisdom” and the programs at the Academy of Inner Wisdom help you understand fundamental truths about self, about the world, and about each other.

The three main principles of the Tao are connection, balance and flow.

Connection – between us all and also with everything

Balance – when one part is out of balance, all parts are affected

Flow – nonresistance to what is going on around you

Everyone is born with a SolePath. It is your unique, individual Spiritual Personality Profile.

‘Sole’ because it is solely about you. ‘Path’ because it guides you on your life’s journey.

SolePath is a deep journey of personal awareness, and it guides you to being happier. It is the path to purpose and a beautiful life.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the way we energetically interact with our world, in pursuit of happiness.

Metaphysics studies questions related to existence, such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What am I doing here?’

SolePath energetic personality profiling is a cornerstone of modern metaphysics.

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Academy of Inner Wisdom Training Programs

Celebrant and Spiritual Practitioner Training

SolePath Metaphysical Philosopher Program

Basic Zone Feng Shui

Space Clearing Course

SolePath Foundation Program

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