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Book I: The SolePath Book of Knowledge

On this page you will find…

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  • An explanation outlining the purpose of the text,
  • PDF resources related to some of the understandings of the SolePath Book of Knowledge.
  • You are invited to download the PDfs and have them available as a resource for your own explorations and understandings of self. This information will give you context for what the work is and the depth of the understandings related to the nature of you in expression and experience with your life.

You will also find a link to purchase the book if that grabs your fancy
and also links to other textbooks and their function and purpose of study.

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Book I: The SolePath Book of Knowledge

This is the Essential SolePath Academic Reference. Structured by SolePath Category and it is a fascinating read. Many of our students sit down and read the entirety of the volume in a single sitting. It grabs you and never lets you go, and once you start to see the intricacies of human behaviour you’ll never look at the world the same way again

The SolePath Book of Knowledge

There is a family tree where you can chart the SolePaths of previous generations, your own and those who continue down the family line. It brings a new and powerful understanding of family dynamics and sets the responsibility for behaviour squarely on each individual’s shoulders. It also brings transformation and accountability, joy, forgiveness and ease. You’ll have a lot of laughter and probably shed a tear or two around your own misunderstandings of self and others. Perhaps a harshness that has been held in a misperception about family members will simply and suddenly dissolve. The gift of knowing your family’s SolePaths is it allows you to support them in being who they are.

One of the PDFs below is a summary of Queen Elizabeth’s SolePath. She is a tremendous example of how purposefully a SolePath supports a person’s life. It’s fascinating to come to a deeper understanding of how your SolePath not only assists you in the purposeful development of your life, but also the evolution of who you are. How you can stand most powerfully in your worth and how deeply your SolePath serves you.

This textbook material is used in the study of SolePath, specifically as it relates to the Self in the Celebrant and Spiritual Practitioner (CSP) program.

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  • Forward
  • Section I – Includes the topics: What is SolePath? What is a Spiritual Personality Profile? What is your SolePath Braid? Paths and Categories. What is a LightPath? What is a DarkPath? The Tao of SolePath – Walking your Path.
  • Your SolePath Family Tree. This image is found in the textbook but here’s a working copy you can download and start looking at the soulful intention of family and individuality from a metaphysical and energetic perspective.
  • Understandings and Take-a-Ways (fundamental understandings about your day-to-day experiences)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s SolePath (Progression LightPath Inspirational Humanitarian, Joyful LightPath Intellectual Expert, DarkPath Inspirational Conformist)
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