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Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao

Daily Pulse Book

Mighty things come in small packages, and this is perhaps one of the greatest contributions to the understanding of the nature of behaviour that exists on the planet today.

If you could see beyond the words into the far reaches of the heart and mind, this is the treasure you would find when you opened the treasure chest.

The Daily Pulse is a victory for everyone. It is the core teaching and resource for all the teachings of the Tao. It works for the individual, for groups, for community and for nations. It is no small prospect when it comes to understanding the wealth of knowledge that exists within these pages.

The work can be studied through reading the text, participating in the meditations and explorations in the “Growing Yourself Membership” area. It is also core curriculum in the Celebrant and Spiritual Practitioner (CSP) program.

You can also take the course ‘Daily Pulse, the rhythm of the Tao’ which is 21-days of transformation. You’ll find it in the private members area, “Grow Yourself”.

Downloadable PDF resources:

  • Debra – Can we do something with the light and the dark of each trigram. I”m thinking ‘the understanding of the Tao quote and the ‘when light and expanding’ and ‘when dark and collapsed’ statements for each trigram. Yes good idea. Yes: Tao quote and will send you an update for the light and dark by email.
  • Also what about an Intentions and Affirmations list? Yes, good idea.

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