Understanding your Experience of Passion, Purpose and Fulfillment

You’re going to hear us talk about passion, purpose and fulfillment a lot at the Academy of Inner Wisdom, but what does it really mean?

  • Personal fulfillment begins and ends with, ‘who I am’.
  • Passion comes and goes like the ebb and flow in the waves but when it hits you want to ride across all the terrain you need to cover.
  • Purpose lies in, ‘what I am here to do’.

Fulfilment can only be, when you combine ‘who I am’ with passion and purpose.

We are going to help you understand your experience of passion, purpose and fulfillment by isolating your understanding into three specific zones

  • The feeling zone
  • The knowing zone
  • The uncertain zone

When you look at the information you are exploring at the Academy from the perspective of each zone you’ll have a better understanding of where it is you want to be standing and looking from tomorrow. So lets start looking through the lens of feeling, knowing and certainty.

An Exercise: Feeling, Knowing and Certainty

We’re going to teach you how, right here and now with this one little exercise.

Once you know how to feel, you’re going to start feeling into what you know and then you are going to hit your path with certainty every single time.

Where are you standing right now? Stop and close your eyes.

  • What do you feel?
  • What do you see in your mind’s eye?
  • What do you feel in your heart?
  • Can you feel you heart?
  • Can you know the difference between a knowing and a feeling?
    Not sure?

Let’s talk about knowing and certainty first and then you’ll have a little better understanding about feeling.


Knowing comes with a new sense of awareness, one you may not have experienced before. So, let’s talk about how that looks different for you and me and then you’ll understand that it’s unique for everyone.

Everyone has insight and that’s the truth. You know who you are at your deepest most knowing level, but what you don’t recognize is how you dial that knowing down. So, let’s just stop doing that and see where you really get in life.

You can be back here doing what you always did yesterday, again. Or you can be stepping forward into each new day as if your soul is on fire, alight with purpose. And that’s going to be the first thing you come to realize. You have an inner purpose and an outer purpose, and that purpose is going to move you forward every time.


A waffling between pros and cons means you have uncertainty, conflict within or your analysis process is not in alignment with what you are called to do.


Every time you’ve got something going on, you’re going to know it by feel. A restlessness in your heart means you’re holding yourself back. A need to step forward, means you’re aligned with purpose.

You can not deny a calling, it is the truest form of measure you will ever know.

The people that are part of the Academy are here because they are called to it. And that is what makes this place so great. We love it here! We love what we do and we take pride in all our work. We want it to be the very best for you.

We encourage you to just spend some time over the next days or weeks understanding where and when you are experiencing: knowing, feeling and certainty.

Once you know that, you are better able to line up with your next best step. And your next best step is the only thing you can really do in the moment, so why not really dial it in?

Go ahead, we’ll be here to give you more steps in fine-tuning along the way.

Live on purpose!

~ Rev. Janice

Rev. Janice Brown sp.M (master), CS.p
Dean of Academics, The Academy of Inner Wisdom

Janice is an avid fan of metaphysical purpose, congruence and being in expansion. She looks for ways to simplify intangible concepts and bring them home for a place to rest in your heart. Congruence of the Heart and Mind is her life’s work, her purpose and her passion. She is the Dean of Academics at the Academy of Inner Wisdom, SolePath Master Mentor and an ordained Metaphysical Minister through CIMM.

Her SolePath is Progression Spiritual Warrior and Joyful Intellectual Lateral Thinker, (Dark Intellectual Controller).

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