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Help…the Tools don’t SEEM to be Working!

Remember, you are who you THINK you are until you become who you know you are. Once you have this piece sorted out, you’ll understand the importance of the tools and when and where to use them. 

Reverend Janice

This is the true path, working your way through all the obstacles of living at such an accelerated rate that you don’t even understand what is happening to you until it’s already done. 

You become who you are without hesitation, discernment or in some ways choice. It was always meant to be and with the tools you have using with SolePath, you get there with a little more precision, a little more comfort and ease. And if you don’t feel like you’re experiencing comfort and ease, imagine how you might feel if you didn’t know any of this and you’re walking through the experience of being who you are blind. 

That’s all we do, light up a path of understanding that you didn’t know existed for you. Period. 

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Why is it important? For one simple reason…

You are always at odds with this aspect of your nature until you truly embrace the divine being that you are. You can come to know this through the experience of living ‘on your path’ or ‘off your path’, but you’re going to live it, no matter how you look at it. So why not give yourself a break and ease into it with a little tool belt and a lot more fun and freedom? 

It just takes a little patience and sometimes a lot of time. But for those who know their path and what they came here to be, it gets a whole lot more dynamic, a whole lot more certain. And yes, a whole lot more pleasing once you’re not trying to jump through the loopholes in life anymore and begin taking them head on. 

You will arrive at your most profound level of worth, this is our guarantee to you. You will always come into your own place of certainty once you start reaching for the tools instead of reaching for the covers to pull them over your head and using the blinders in your life. 

That’s it, that’s all really. We can’t do anything more than teach you some fundamentals and some basic thought formations. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you what you do with these resources. 

We are not your teachers in the realest of senses, we are your guides, and we illuminate an understanding, so you have a thoughtful way to perceive your environment. 

Outcome is solely based on you and your thought formations, how you supply your resonance and tone. And if you don’t like what you’re experiencing, then that’s half the battle because now you know your DarkPath and the tools you can reach for to get you the heck outta there. 

And so, eventually, ‘wait no more’ will be the thing you finally decide. You just can’t be who you are when you continue to be who you ain’t. So, until you’ve got that little number sorted out, you’re going to plow through some rough fields of growth. 

A final thought…

You’re going to go forward with your head held high or buried in the sand, but the choice is yours. No matter what. 

Be Dazzling. Be Brilliant. Be Who You Are.

~ Reverend Janice

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Reverend Janice Brown sp.M (master), CS.p
Dean of Academics, The Academy of Inner Wisdom

Janice is an avid fan of metaphysical purpose, congruence and being in expansion. She looks for ways to simplify intangible concepts and bring them home for a place to rest in your heart. Congruence of the Heart and Mind is her life’s work, her purpose and her passion. She is the Dean of Academics at the Academy of Inner Wisdom, SolePath Master Mentor and an ordained Metaphysical Minister through CIMM.

Her SolePath is Progression Spiritual Warrior and Joyful Intellectual Lateral Thinker, (Dark Intellectual Controller). Janice is the author of the HeartMind Metaphysical Mystery Series, Stories of a Girl.

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