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Being Who You Are Without Hesitation

I woke up this morning and wondered if I, me…? Me of all people, might have a bad attitude. And that made me chuckle because at the moment, I kinda did.

So, I had to shake it off. Like water off a duck’s back, some might say. But today it felt more like ripping the door off its hinges. Inside there was some part of me that was quite beholden to a level of resistance that felt like a mini boxer was punching out ‘shoulda, have to, don’t wanna’ feelings that were swirling around and about before I even had my eyes open for 5 seconds.

What’s a girl to do? 

I decided to be quarrelsome for a bit. Me, myself and I had a bit of a showdown and on this particular day, I’m happy to say that I was the one that stood tall when the dustup was done.

I’d like to say that I’ve never had this experience before but some days are like that … What are you going to do?

I’ll give you my 3 tricks and point out a few highlights for self awareness and re-cognizing attitude and transplanting mindset to find your way to certainty.

1. How are you starting your day?

Start each day with ease in your heart instead of worry or fear or apprehension or…or…or

Today didn’t start that way for me, I had to put in a few repositions before I could get to a point where I had ease in my heart. It looked a little bit like this.

Feeling a bit crummy when I woke up, listening to some berating self chat, deciding that it was nonsense even though it was compelling and then grumbling and rumbling a bit. I let my inner ‘Roy Kent’ take the field for a little bit with some colourful embellishments and phrases and that was all the momentum I needed to break free from some soul-sucker energy that was licking at my boots. 

Now, is this a bad thing when your ‘shake the water off’ moment is actually a bit quarrelsome. Depends. Can you take the burst of momentum and get where you need to be? Or do you wear it all day long?

I flip this type of grumbly motivation on its head, I use it to punch an opening through the murk and put on my ‘Oh yeah, just watch me!’ pants and then get on with my day. And that works wonders for me if i’m slurping my way through an oozy funk because happy-go-lucky is too far a reach.

The thing is once I’m away from the grasp of that low funky feeling, it’s easy for me to reposition. I can feel better and I can feel better for a few reasons,

  • a) I made a choice,
  • b) I shook off the feeling, and
  • c) deep down inside I know I’m all that and more.

And, the more reminds me that if I want a different experience, it’s in me to choose and keep choosing. In fact, it’s the only way to get there.

Now, I would say that the piece I was experiencing as ‘attitude’ this morning was a new and interesting contemplation. Where exactly did those words and feelings come from that were keeping me so low in the tank? I recognized the word patterns and I could also see quite specific structures behind the words and when I could see that, I also recognized them as the bundle of limiting beliefs that I have had escort me through my own life. And because I am acutely aware of what my limiting beliefs are, I knew the only action for me to take was anything that would shift that limiting point of view.

So, I ‘Roy Kented’ my way out of the muck, smoothed the playing field and put a smile on my face. When I put a smile on my face, I put a smile in my heart and that’s the moment I always feel ease. 

Step 1. Recognize and re-COGNIZE.

Reverend Janice, The Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom

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2. What are you wearing?

Dress for the way you want to feel. Empowered, confident, certain, comfortable. Oddly enough, for me, this is often a plaid shirt. Not your typical power suit.

Take a really close look, if you go to your closet and stop in your tracks because nothing in there ‘feels like you’ any more, it’s time to do some fine tuning. 

My kids have been going through this, ‘It’s not my style, Mom. I don’t wear THAT feeling anymore’. And part of me thinks here we go… and another part thinks, ‘Wow! Go you!’

Isn’t that remarkable that they see what they wear as part of a feeling? Then I think who am I to stuff them into an old feeling that they have outgrown as they keep blossoming more and more into who they are? I try not to be self-limiting on them so they can shine, why would I choose any differently for myself?

I can give you reasons and they make a lot of sense. Budget, practicality, just got something new the other day. Where would I wear it? I’ve never worn something like that before. Do I really need something else new today? Quite possibly the answer is, ‘YES!’, and that’s you and yourself telling you so. 

Have a look because you could be reasoning yourself out of a very good feeling because you already have a closet full of other feelings that was purchased for very specific reasons at another time. One of the most important things you need to know is that as you evolve and become who you are, you start shedding the looks and feelings of who you thought you were and this can feel like a bit of an identity snatch if you let it. 

The trick is to start creating the world you wish to live in with a little wild abandon. Maybe it feels crazy when you go home and put it on and if it doesn’t feel right then walk it right back out the door or chuck it out the window or whatever you need to do. Just don’t hang it up in the closet waiting for the you that’s never coming to wear it. You know it. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Trust your heart. If you will allow it to be, clothing is something put on this earth to help you be your fullest self, don’t consciously decide to accommodate an old feeling because it will nudge you out of your heartspace all day long. 

When your wardrobe is stocked with the items that help you feel like you, you won’t have any more of those days where you think I have nothing to wear. You’ll wake up and walk into that space without hesitation. And guess what, when you do notice a hesitation…it only means you’ve evolved a little more and it’s time to fine tune again and that’s a good thing. Don’t shut the door on yourself. Step into your worth and your wardrobe at the same time.

Step 2. Dress for your Self.

Reverend Janice, The Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom
Man Dancing in Field on Sunset. the experience of good fortune comes when you live without hesitation.

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3. Be who you are.

Now there’s an argument for and against this and the only one really having that argument is you. Period.

When you see this. You can gently put aside the ‘who you think you are’, ‘who everyone else thinks you are’ arguments and lovingly embrace the awesomeness that is you.

Step 3. You are complete.

Reverend Janice, The Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom

So, those are my 3 tricks to start your day being who you are without hesitation. You may have some creaky starts but you get there with certainty every time. So give yourself a break and a high five. You know why? Because you’ve got to be your biggest fan.

That’s all there is to it!

Be You. Be Certain. Be More.

Thoughtfully and with a little wild abandon of my own,
~ Reverend Janice

(Sometimes known to others as ‘Wordy Pants’ )

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Reverend Janice Brown sp.M (master), CS.p
The Dean, The Academy of Inner Wisdom

Janice is an avid fan of metaphysical purpose, congruence and being in expansion. She looks for ways to simplify intangible concepts and bring them home for a place to rest in your heart. Congruence of the Heart and Mind is her life’s work, her purpose and her passion. She is the Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom, SolePath Master Mentor and an ordained Metaphysical Minister through CIMM.

Her SolePath is Progression Spiritual Warrior and Joyful Intellectual Lateral Thinker, (Dark Intellectual Controller). Janice is the author of the HeartMind Metaphysical Mystery Series, Stories of a Girl.

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